Mozimba Project

Mozimba is an independent fashion label with a goal to create fair, ethical jobs in Mozambique. Jobs that pay well above the national wage, provide consistent work for an economically vulnerable people, and invest in the future of Africa.
Mozimba still young and still in development. We are currently based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, where all of our garments are designed and stitched. Each garment is made with traditional West and East African wax print fabric, sourced straight from the continent.


Born in Indonesia, a Dutch adjustment, and finding home in Africa- wax print fabric has a history around the world. Wax prints are a simple cotton fabric worn by millions of people from the streets of Accra to the Tanzanian coast.  They display a special combination of patterns, motifs, and colors unique to, and rooted deeply within, Africa. It goes by many names: kanga in Kenya, kente in Ghana, kitenge in the Congo. But the message is in the subtext. For women, the prints are often a form of nonverbal communication, each with a unique perspective on what makes a print special. Sometimes, they just like the way it looks.

Our project is inspired by Mozambique, where the fabric is called 'capulana'. Capulana is everywhere in this part of Africa. Mothers carry their babies in it,  big sis can use it as a jump rope, a beach blanket, bedding, a hammock, the list is as long as your imagination. Its versatility is matched only by its durability- this fabric is super strong, fade resistant, and woven to last.
Clothes made with capulana are difficult to get. Typically in Africa, a bundle of fabric is brought to a tailor, who takes your measurements, then designs a garment, stitches a custom piece, does a fitting, and then does alterations. This process can take weeks to complete, and the finished product is designed to fit only one person. Outside Africa, clothes like this are almost impossible to find off the rack. Unless you know where to look. Mozimba sources prints from all over the continent, then sews them into the freshest clothing this side of the Atlantic. Some prints are rare or straight up impossible to find again. Because of this, all our garments are produced in very limited quantities, and once they sell out, they're gone. We offer a contemporary twist on a classic style, designed for everything from getting groceries to going out.

Our goal is to create a joint venture bridging Brooklyn and Mozambique, creating fair and sustainable jobs in a region where these attributes often don't apply to employment. We aim to create an alternative to the charity and aid status quo, replacing it instead with opportunity and self-perpetuating growth. Drop an email or DM us at: